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What Happens During Marriage Preparation Sessions

The Marriage Prep Program at Our Lady of good Counsel and Holy Disciples is facilitated by Tom and Rosemary, both members of the parish staff. Between them they have over thirty years of experience helping couples prepare for marriage, for Tom much of it as a licensed marriage counselor. They have been married for twentyfive years and have three children. They do what they can to assure that the time couples spend on this preparation is time well spent and not just jumping through hoops to fulfill requirements. 

Tom and Rosemary work with each couple on an individual basis, taking three to five one-hour sessions to help the couple take an honest look at their relationship in light of the principles of Christian Marriage. To do this they use an online marriage preparation tool called the “Pre-Marriage Inventory” (PMI). This tool, as the name implies, allows the couple to take an inventory of their thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs about their relationship and about marriage. The tool can help uncover any possible “problem areas” that the couple might encounter in the future of their relationship. A guided discussion of the issues raised by the inventory can help provide couples with new skills to deal with these potential problem areas.

Additionally, Fr. Matthew, our pastor, has created a “Catholicism 101” session that is required for anyone celebrating a wedding at Our Lady of Good Counsel or Holy Disciples.  (The two-hour session is also required for parents of children who are preparing to receive the Sacraments of Baptism and/or Holy Communion.) The class is offered only four times a year, please plan to attend the earliest session you are able to make. 

If you are celebrating your wedding elsewhere, Rosemary and Tom can provide whatever is required by the parish in which you are exchanging your vows. If the priest offers you a list of what is required, share it with them, and they can help arrange that everything is done as requested and in a timely manner.

If it would be of help to you, Rosemary and Tom can also provide some assistance with selection of readings and music for your wedding celebration and help you understand any aspect of the Catholic Ceremony that you might find puzzling. It is always best if this part of the preparation is done by the priest who will be present at the wedding, but if that is not possible, it is something Rosemary and Tom are qualified to do.

There is no fee for these services, but a donation to the parish to help cover the expense of the PMI and our Staff's time with you is very appreciated (most couples contribute about $200).

 If you are ready to begin, contact Tom O'Brien-Wilson.