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Tenebrae 2020

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On Wednesday evening we solemnly begin our celebration of the Sacred Triduum ("Three Days") with the ancient monastic Office of Tenebrae. The Office of Tenebrae (the name means "darkness" or "shadows" is a Holy Week devotion which dates back to the 7th century A.D.  Tenebrae includes official readings and the successive extinguishing of twelve candles as the service progresses. No service during the entire church year is more biblical. Every word comes from the Scriptures.

Worship Aides

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Video of the Tenebrae Service led by the Parish Staff

As we come to the end of Lent,
we begin a journey into darkness to a place of deep shadows.
Today we accompany Jesus in his last hours.
We witness the cruelties and the suffering he endures.
We listen to the words of condemnation and ridicule.
In all this he is innocent.
He is the faithful servant of God,
doing his Father’s work;
bringing the gospel of love, peace and hope.
And so, in this liturgy, we are invited to walk solemnly and attentively with Jesus.
Better to know.
Better to understand.
Better to be his friend, his disciple, his witness.
Be still and know that God is here.
                                  - from the Introduction to Tenebrae by the Jesuit Institute