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Children's Faith Formation


The change in our Mass schedule has forced us to re-think our Religious Education/Faith Formation Programs at Our Lady of Good Counsel. After careful consideration we now propose a new format for our program which we believe will best meet our needs and situation:  a monthly "Faith Formation Gathering for Families" which replaces our schedule of weekly classes, combined with additional Sacramental Prep Classes.

Once a month after Mass on Saturday children in Grades K-5 will participate with their parents and siblings in a two-hour Family-Centered Faith Formation Event.  Children who are anticipating First Communion will also attend an additional weekly class with Rosemary Nordstrom (before Mass on Wednesdays, 5:00-6:15) to help them prepare for the reception of that Sacrament. Students in Junior High will meet with Susan Holder on Saturday evenings following Mass and will join their families for the monthly Family Gathering. Unless we are able to secure an adult to lead a Senior High program, our high school students will be encouraged to carpool to Holy Disciples for the weekly gathering of the Youth Group.  The Confirmation Prep Program, taught by Fr. Matthew, is held at Holy Disciples on Sunday afternoons twice a month.

So that you might more easily picture this “Faith Formation Gathering for Families,” we are including (at the end of this article) a sample outline of what the time after Mass might look like.  Someone described it as a “two hour Vacation Bible School for families.”  Also we have printed a possible schedule for the evening sessions, along with a proposed Theme or Topic for each gathering.

The monthly Family Gatherings require the help of volunteers from the parish. These volunteers will meet with Tom and Rosemary O’Brien-Wilson for a two hour session each month to plan the evening and then spend eight to ten hours preparing the materials needed for each of the sessions.  We invite you to volunteer your time and energy in this ministry to our parish.

Regular participation in the Faith Formation Gatherings for Families will satisfy the Archdiocesan requirement that First Communion Prep is open only to students who have completed a Faith Formation Program the previous year.  Participation in the Youth Group will continue to be required of students who wish to be Confirmed the following year.

Please discuss this matter with your students and your fellow parishioners and share your thoughts with members of the Pastoral Council and/or Parish Staff.  Also, join us in our prayers to the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom as we enter into this new way of passing on our faith to our children.



Children in Grades K-5 (including students enrolled in Sacramental Prep) will participate with their parents and siblings in a Family-Centered Faith Formation Program

NOTE: These monthly sessions will satisfy the Archdiocesan mandate that First Communion Prep is open only to students who have completed a Faith Formation Program the previous year


5:15  (15 min)     Families Gather in Parish Hall / “Substantial” Snacks / Sign In and Distribution of Materials

5:30  (15 min)     Opening Prayer / 1st Presentation on the Theme by Fr. Matthew or Catechist

5:45  (20 min)     Small Group Activity at Tables – Two Families per group
Work together on a project that will encourage dialogue on Theme
(Puzzles / Skits / Crafts / Art Project / etc.)

6:05  (25 min)     Large Group Response / Sharing
for example:  Small Groups present their skit/project to the larger group

6:30  (5 min)        Five Minute Break

6:35  (15 min)     2nd Presentation on the Theme by Catechist

6:50  (15 min)     Small Group Activity at Tables

7:05  (15 min)     Large Group Response / Sharing

7:20  (10 min)     Closing Prayer and Clean Up

7:30                      Dismissed


October 13          Our Mass
December 1        Our Liturgical Year 
January 12           Mary and the Saints
February 9           Our Sacraments
March 9               Our Lenten Journey
April 6                   Holy Week


  • Weekly Classes for students (Grade Two and above) who have not yet received their First Communion and who have successfully completed a Faith Formation Program during the previous year
  • Before Wednesday Mass, 5:00-6:15
  • Students and their families also will participate in the monthly Family Gatherings
  • First Reconciliation celebrated in December, First Communion on May 4

Registration for all Faith Formation Programs began September 2 and will continue thorugh December

Volunteer with Faith Formation!

Volunteering to work with children is said to be one of the best ways to have an important role in fulfilling God’s plan for humanity. Children, after all, are nearest and dearest to the heart of Jesus! We need catechists and classroom aides, people who work directly with the children and people who work behind the scenes, volunteers with experience and those willing to learn. In short, we need you.
To find out more about how you can help, contact Tom at 253-875-6630 

Please also see the Safe Environment Program policy pertaining to volunteers.


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